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Talon.One Ruby SDK Build Status

Talon.One enables marketers to create coupon, discount, loyalty, and referral marketing campaigns of virtually unlimited power and flexibility. This library provides 2 Ruby API clients:

  • TalonOne::Integration::Client is used to feed customer activities (e.g. purchasing items or referring friends) into the Talon.One platform so that your marketing campaigns can react to these events. Authentication for the Integration API is done with an Application ID and secret key.

  • TalonOne::Management::Client is used to create and manipulate campaigns, coupons, and user accounts on the Talon.One platform. Unlike the integration client, the management client must authenticate with credentials for a registered Talon.One user in your organization.


The TalonOne Ruby SDK is available as a standard gem release. Just add it in your Gemfile:

gem 'talon_one'

Getting started with the Integration API

First, you will need to find your API endpoint, Application ID and Application Key in the Camapaign Manager by going to the "Settings" tab.

With these 3 things we can set up the integration API client:

client = TalonOne::Integration::Client.new :endpoint => 'https://mycompany.talon.one',
                                           :application_id => 213,
                                           :application_key => '5ea4583bfb81d2e9'

Defaults for these configuration parameters can also be set via the environment variables TALONONE_ENDPOINT, TALONONE_APP_ID, and TALONONE_APP_KEY.

Once the client has been created, you can start sending customer profiles, sessions, and events to Talon.One:

# When the customer registers or updates their account
client.update_customer_profile "my_unique_profile_id",
  "attributes" => {
    "Name" => "Val Kust",
    "BillingAddress1" => "21 Jump St."

# When the customer adds an item to their cart
client.update_customer_session "my_unique_session_id",
  "profileId" => "my_unique_profile_id",
  "cartItems" => [{
    "name" => "Shiny Red Shoes",
    "sku" => "srs_1234",
    "price" => 49.99,
    "quantity" => 1,
    "currency" => "USD"
  "attributes" => {
    "ShippingCost" => 3.75
  "total" => 53.74  # total is _not_ required to match up to item cost + shipping"

# When the customer does something else interesting
client.track_event "my_unique_session_id", "viewed_promo_page", "url" => "http://example.com/summer-shoes-2016" 

To view the full list of data that each of these API calls accepts, please consult our API documentation.