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This jQuery plugin arbitrarly CSS transforms elements to a specific pixel size. All the contents of the element will scale with it!

See it in action.


  • w The width to scale to. Required.
  • h The height to scale to. Required.
  • options A JS object of options. Can be ignored. These are the options:
  • x: The x center to scale from, as a percentage from 0 to 100. Defaults to 50.
  • y: The y center to scale from, as a percentage from 0 to 100. Defaults to 50.
  • distort: Whether to allow differing x and y scale factors. Is true by default, meaning the element could be distorted. If false, the smallest of the two scales will be used for both axes, so that neither w or h is ever exceeded.
  • direction: If negative, only scaling down will be allowed. If greater than 0, only scaling up will be allowed. Otherwise, either direction is allowed. Defaults to 0.
    $(selector).rescale(w, h, options);

There is no way to extract the displayed dimensions of CSS transformed elements. This can be incredibly irritating. To get around this, jquery-rescale leaves a little trace of its transformation in the 'rescale' data property.


Will return this object:

      width: [transformed width],
      height: [transformed height]

The returned values are simply a trace of how jquery-rescale last set them. Transformations through other means will not be reflected.


    $('.rescale').rescale(100, 100);

Would scale all elements with the class rescale to 100 by 100 pixels about their center. These would now both return 100:


If you want to keep the top-left corner of the elements in the same place, pass x and y arguments to specify the center of scaling:

    $('.rescale').rescale(100, 100, { x: 0, y: 0 });

If you don't want the elements to be distorted, specify the distort option.

    $('.rescale').rescale(100, 100, { distort: false });

Each element will keep its original aspect ratio, but no dimension will exceed 100 pixels.

If you want to only scale elements up, or only scale them down, specify the direction option. If it is negative, elements will only be scaled down:

    $('.rescale').rescale(100, 100, { direction: -1 });

Any elements with both dimensions already smaller than 100 pixels will be unmodified.

To only scale elements up, pass a positive value:

    $('.rescale').rescale(100, 100, { direction : 1 });

Now, elements exceeding 100px * 100px will be unmodified, but any smaller than that will be scaled up.

Play around with demo.html to see it in action.


This is a very simple implementation of transforms, meant for cases where you want to transform a bunch of elements to a uniform pixel size. It does not handle animations, and it overwrites/is overwritten by other transforms. If you want full-featured transformation support in a jQuery plugin, try TransformJS.


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