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You can even adapt the sample cronjob to run the script daily.
+## Hacking
+There's lots'o'work to be done! Check out the [TODO][].
+ [TODO]:
## Credit
Thanks to David Turner for writing the original
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+Interested in hacking on crashmapper and/or the nypd crash data bandaid? These
+are some outstanding tasks:
+### Low-hanging fruit
+* Mobile block, to advise people against trying to load the map on their cell
+ phones.
+* A clearer disclaimer/link to licensing info.
+### Bug-fixes
+* Investigate GH issue #1, and see whether the Excel input script is sometimes
+ dropping certain stats from intersections.
+* Memory profile and fix leaks, particularly in FF.
+### Significant new features
+* Allowing the selection of a date range, aggregating stats within.
+* Providing an interface to view the vehicle type and contributing factor
+ overlays. The data's already loaded in.
+* Display a color-coded legend.
+* Location box to quickly jump to a specific address.
+* Allow custom aggregation based off of a drawn shape.
+ - Provide some useful pre-made shapes (council districts, CDs, boroughs,
+ etc.)
+### Infrastructural changes
+* Tests (!)
+* Implement staging server and nonbreaking push of new features from it.
+* Change crashmapper JS namespace from `Letsmap` to `Crashmapper`.
+* Possibly refactor crashmapper entirely out of the band-aid (dependencies are
+ limited to the data transfer.)
+* Investigate ways to break the data set into several requests while keeping it
+ responsive.
+ - Perhaps load the lon/lat data as an array alongside a simple array of the
+ currently displayed overlay? Two smaller requests instead of one, still
+ provides immediate zoom/time scan response. A third request could be
+ point-in-time for all data dimensions, for providing readout on popup.
+### Horizon
+* Mobile support.
+* Other cities.
+* Complementary data sets (traffic counts, NYS collision data.)

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