Doclet to generate UML diagrams from Java code using PlantUML and JavaDoc
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Doclet for the JavaDoc tool that generates UML diagrams from the code.

Note: Version 2.0.0 is a full rewrite as a Javadoc 9 doclet.

Released versions can be found in the maven central repository or on github.

This doclet uses the analyzed information from the JavaDoc tool. It automatically generates UML diagrams from your code.


To use the doclet together with the JavaDoc tool, the following is required.


  • Please see the separate Usage page on how to use the UML doclet in your own Java projects.


The javadoc of the UMLDoclet itself is probably a decent example of what the default settings provide for you:


  • Please search the open issues before you file a new issue.
  • If possible, please provide a working example when sending in bugs. This will make fixing them that much easier!



  • First of all, thank you for using this doclet, I hope it may be of benefit to your project.
  • And of course most importantly a big thanks to the developers of the excellent PlantUML project withouth whom this doclet wouldn't exist!