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Thinkful's fullstack capstone with various quizzes for users
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Quiz Engine


  • The quiz engine will inspire and allow students to learn and stay afresh with their studies over the summer months. A sense of accomplishment and desire to learn encouraged me to take and complete this course. I would like to instill that same pursuit of knowledge into my younger relatives and see them grow to their potential.

Live Prototype:

Use Case:

  • the purpose of the quiz engine was two fold:
    • inspired by my younger cousins, I wanted to create an application to encourage them to learn
    • produce a showcase react application which can be utilized as a portfolio piece in order to solicit job offers from a dev team which works on a similar product

Initial UX:

Mock-up Welcome

Mock-up Quiz

Mock-up Question Answer

Mock-up Results


Prioritized User Stories


Requirements for Workflow

Development Story:

  • Prioritized User Stories:
    • distribute quiz to users
    • select quiz
    • poll with questions
    • questions with answers
    • navigation throughout quiz’s questions
    • storage of answers after each question
    • breadcrumbs throughout quiz’s questions (counter)
    • login
    • registration
    • data visualization
    • retake quiz


  • Web Technologies Utilized:
    • React
    • Redux
    • Node.js
    • Express
    • MongoDb, Mongoose, Robomongo
    • Yarn/ NPM
    • Enzyme, Chai, Mocha
    • Heroku, Netlify
    • Libraries: Lodash

Lessons Learned:

  • Deployment:

    • a full stack applicaiton requires the deployment of both a server to support the node.js/ server side development, as well as a server to host the client/ web view
    • While CreateReactApp's black box of scripts does not easily support the support of synchronous servers for full stack development, a couple of options were pursued.
    • my options/ attempted options included a Thinkful approach to React Starter Apps, the concurrently plugin and a json server
    • The app utilizes two distinct projects, for the API and client.
    • The app utilizes deployment through Heroku and Netlify, for the respective projects.
  • Modern Frontend Framework:

    • Learning React and Redux was a challenge for me. While I knew I would greatly enjoy server-side development before and during the program, the data flow and component lifestyle took a great amount of understanding. While I resorted to many different documentation for learning, sticking to the FullStck React e-book gave me a respected and up-to-date perspective on React with ES6 and React Router 4.
    • Redux with Async Actions can be difficult to learn. While Dan Abramov's information on the web was very helpful, Thinkful mentor Q&A and Workshops were incredibly helpful as well. The Thinkful community, including fellow students supported me in my learning. I look forward to completing FullStack React's 30 days of React following Thinkful graduation.

Development Roadmap:

  • utilizing a KanBan Board, the development was broken into phases
  • working through the burn chart, I was able to break the project into bite size chunks
  • working from the server side development through to the client-side, features were implemented based on priority

KanBan BurnChart

KanBan BurnChart Workflow


  • The Quiz application still requires a significant amount of improvements in order to be more user friendly.
    • If there is no user, present 'new user' in the header
    • Better tracking of selected and submitted questions in order for a more comprehensive results page
    • Account page to dispay results from all quizzes
    • Visual effects to keep the users engaged
  • Provide more encouragement to learn and grow:
    • More quizzes to assist all cousins with subjects, advanced and younger.
    • Learn more button to be specific to the quiz, directing the user to another page to learn more about the subject
    • More links to learn more about coding, potentially instructing them to find the answers to the quizzes from the console
    • feedback after each question submission
  • Testing:
    • I really enjoyed learning about the testing of the react and redux structure.
    • I would like to improve the tests within my application and learn more about the structure and style of testing.
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