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Simple card view component for React-Native
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React Native Simple Card View

Easiest way to adding a card view on your screen.

CardViewWithImage Example CardViewWithImage

package info

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Getting Started

via Yarn

yarn add react-native-simple-card-view

via NPM

npm install react-native-simple-card-view

React-Native Link

react-native link


Styling card view

You can create an object, who has the card view styles. Then you can give that object to style props. Card view style object can have the following attributes

Prop Type Default Description Platform
width number 300 Card view width iOS,Android
height number - Card view height iOS,Android
padding number 5 Card view padding iOS,Android
margin number 10 Card view margin iOS,Android
borderRadius number 3 Card view border radius iOS,Android
shadowColor string `'#000000' Card view shadow color iOS,Android
shadowOpacity number 0.3 Card vie`w shadow opacity iOS,Android
shadowRadius number 3 Card view shadow radius iOS,Android
bgColor string '#ffffff' Card view background color iOS,Android
elevation number 3 Only for Android shadow value Android
shadowOffsetWidth number 3 Shadow offset width only for iOS iOS
shadowOffsetHeight number 3 Shadow offset height only for iOS iOS

Components & Examples


English Turkish


English Turkish


English Turkish

v0.3.0 Features

  • CardView component added. (This component can be used for everything you can fill inside)
  • Some unnecessary codes deleted
  • Custom font feature
  • Turkish documentation support

Contributors (Thank you all)

Built With


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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