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#HappyBoxes (Demo Here)

Just a Simple test of the physics engine in

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##Inspiration I was inspired to create this from a gist created by John Traver

##Dependencies Developed for modern browsers on desktop. Will run on some mobile phones.

It is actually quite simple really

First make sure you have node.js installed... without that nothing works! You can either install it with your favorite package manager or with the installer found on

This project relies on grunt-cli, and bower to do all the heavy lifting for you

npm install -g grunt-cli bower

##Getting Started

npm install && bower install

That's it!!!

##Running the Development Server

Simply run grunt serve and you will start a local development server and open Chrome. Watch tasks will be running, and your browser will be automatically refreshed whenever a file in the repo changes.

You can run serve with --port=9001 to manually pick the port that the server will run on

This option is currently borked... You can also change the port livereload is running on with the option --livereload=8675309 ... if you think you can fix it check out the issue on github

If you would like to have your server be accessible to other devices on your local machine use the option --hostname=


If you would like to compile your project for distribution simply run the command grunt to build dist/ which will be a deployment ready version of your app. Preprocessing will be applied to html, all js will be concatenated and minified. All js / css assets will also have their name prepended with a hash for cache busting.

##License ISC

Release History