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Manually specify project roots to be used by projectile
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A minor mode for emacs that allows one to specify a collection of root directories that projectile uses in addition to those roots derived from version control. This was motivated by a desired to easily navigate apt-installed python source code.


  • Place projectile-manual-root.el on the load-path.

  • Add (require 'projectile-manual-root) to your start up script (init.el) and evaluate it

  • Run (projectile-manual-root-add) in those directories that you wish to be project roots.

  • Add entries like (add-to-list projectile-manual-root-roots "/my/directory") if you want these roots to be persisted

  • Other libraries written by the author

If you liked this library, you might be interested in other tools written by the author, including orgnav a library to quickly navigate org files.

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