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Find a lot of kinds of common information in a string. CommonRegex port for Ruby
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CommonRegex port for Ruby

Find a lot of kinds of common information in a string.

Pull requests welcome!

Please note that this is currently English/US specific.


To install CommonRegexRuby, just run:

    $ gem install commonregex

Now you're able to use the CommonRegex class, check the API and the examples.


Instance methods will return the results relative to the text passed at the constructor. Class methods will receive a text as parameter and return the results relative to it.

Possible instance and class methods:

  • get_dates([text])
  • get_times([text])
  • get_phones([text])
  • get_links([text])
  • get_emails([text])
  • get_ipv4([text])
  • get_ipv6([text])
  • get_hex_colors([text])
  • get_acronyms([text])
  • get_money([text])
  • get_percentages([text]) (matches percentages between 0.00% and 100.00%)
  • get_credit_cards([text])
  • get_addresses([text])


    text = "John, please get that article on to me by 5:00PM\n"
    "on Jan 9th 2012. 4:00 would be ideal, actually. If you have any questions,\n"
    "you can reach my associate at (012)-345-6789 or\n"
    "I\'ll be on UK during the whole week on a J.R.R. Tolkien convention."
    common_regex =
    put common_regex.get_dates
    // ["Jan 9th 2012"]
    puts common_regex.get_times
    // ["5:00PM", "4:00"]
    puts common_regex.get_phones
    // ["(012)-345-6789"]
    puts common_regex.get_links
    // [""]
    puts common_regex.get_emails
    // [""]
    puts common_regex.get_acronyms
    // ["UK", "J.R.R."]

Alternatively, you can use class methods.

    puts CommonRegex.get_times 'When are you free? Do you want to meet up for coffee at 4:00?'
    // ["4:00"]
    puts CommonRegex.get_money 'They said the price was US$5,000.90, actually it is US$3,900.5. It\'s $1100.4 less, can you imagine this?'
    // ["US$5,000.90", "US$3,900.5", "$1100.4"]
    puts CommonRegex.get_percentages 'I\'m 99.9999999% sure that I\'ll get a raise of 5%.'
    // ["99.9999999%", "5%"]
    puts CommonRegex.get_ipv6 'The IPv6 address for localhost is 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1, or alternatively, ::1.'
    // ["0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1", "::1"]

CommonRegex Ports

There are CommonRegex ports for other languages, see here

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