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package hpkp
import (
// PinFailure hold fields required for POSTing a pin validation failure JSON message
// to a host's report-uri.
type PinFailure struct {
DateTime string `json:"date-time"`
Hostname string `json:"hostname"`
Port int `json:"port"`
EffectiveExpirationDate string `json:"effective-expiration-date"`
IncludeSubdomains bool `json:"include-subdomains"`
NotedHostname string `json:"noted-hostname"`
ServedCertificateChain []string `json:"served-certificate-chain"`
ValidatedCertificateChain []string `json:"validated-certificate-chain"`
KnownPins []string `json:"known-pins"`
// NewPinFailure creates a struct to report information on failed hpkp connections
func NewPinFailure(host string, port int, h *Header, c tls.ConnectionState) (*PinFailure, string) {
if h == nil {
return nil, ""
verifiedChain := []*x509.Certificate{}
if len(c.VerifiedChains) > 0 {
verifiedChain = c.VerifiedChains[len(c.VerifiedChains)-1]
return &PinFailure{
DateTime: time.Now().Format(time.RFC3339),
Hostname: host,
Port: port,
EffectiveExpirationDate: time.Unix(h.Created+h.MaxAge, 0).UTC().Format(time.RFC3339),
IncludeSubdomains: h.IncludeSubDomains,
NotedHostname: c.ServerName,
ServedCertificateChain: encodeCertificatesPEM(c.PeerCertificates),
ValidatedCertificateChain: encodeCertificatesPEM(verifiedChain),
KnownPins: h.Sha256Pins,
}, h.ReportURI
// encodeCertificatesPEM converts a slice of x509 certficates to a slice of PEM encoded strings
func encodeCertificatesPEM(certs []*x509.Certificate) []string {
var pemCerts []string
var buffer bytes.Buffer
for _, cert := range certs {
pem.Encode(&buffer, &pem.Block{
Bytes: cert.Raw,
pemCerts = append(pemCerts, string(buffer.Bytes()))
return pemCerts
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