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Deploy your PHP with PHP. Inspired by Capistrano and Vlad.
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A light-weight flexible deployment tool for deploying web applications. This project was inspired by Capistrano and Vlad the Deployer, as well as being built on top of Phake, a Rake clone.

This project came out of the need for a way to deploy Wordpress sites to multiple environments easily and without firing up FTP clients, etc. What started as a simple Rakefile, quickly grew into much more, and has been finally abstracted and ported to PHP to be able to fully integrate tasks with your application.



    "require": {
        "pomander/pomander": "dev-master"
$ composer install


Set up your project for use with Pomander

$ cd myproject
$ pomify

This will give you Pomfile where you can configure plugins, and it will also create a default deployment configuration.

Use pom -T to see your available tasks.

Configure environments

Pomander uses YAML files to configure environments. pom config will create a development.yml file to get you going if you don't already have one. You can create as many environments as you want.

Configuration reference:

url:                    # Application URL. Used primarily for database migration and may not be needed.
user:                   # User for performing remote tasks.
repository:             # Repository for application.
revision:               # Desired revision/branch to be deployed.
scm:                    # SCM to use. Currently supports svn and git. Default: git
deploy_to:              # Path to deploy to.
backup:                 # Perform database backups on deployments. (true|false). Default: false
app:                    # List of application end-points for running deployment tasks.
db:                     # List of database end-points for running database tasks.


pom deploy:setup # Just run this the first time

# All subsequent deployments use pom deploy (deploy defaults to deploy:update)
pom deploy


deploy:setup      # Creates deploy_to folder, and checks out code.
delpoy:update     # Updates code to current revision/branch.
deployed          #  Tells you what revision/branch is currently deployed.
config            # Attempts to create a default `development.yml` file.

Custom Tasks

Feel free to modify these existing tasks, as well as create your own!


$pom = new \Pomander\Builder();
/* plugins
 * $pom->load('pomander/wordpress'); */

task('my custom task',function($app) {
  info("my task","Hello, World!");

after('deploy:update', function($app) {
  warn("pomander","You can use after() / before() to customize tasks");


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