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Tamashii Common

Tamashii Common is a collection of some commonly used features in Tamashii, including recorded, setting, packet encapsulation, etc.


Add the following code to your Gemfile:

gem 'tamashii-common'

And then execute:

$ bundle install

Or install it yourself with:

$ gem install tamashii-common



Used to handle with different types of packets in Tamashii.

Tamashii::Resolver.handle Tamashii::AUTH_TOKEN, Tamashii::Manager::Authorization

Default processing

In the absence of a specified processing mode, we can specify the way the default processing.

Tamashii::Resolver.default_handler Tamashii::Manager::Handler::Broadcaster


This is a mechanism similar to Rack Middleware, which can intercept or process packets before the Handler executes.

Tamashii::Resolver.hook TamashiiRailsHook

When there are lots of items need to be setting, we can write the following way instead.

Tamashii::Resolver.config do
  handler Tamashii::Manager::Authorization
  # ...

  hook MyRailsHook
  # ...


IoT devices need some information about the data when transferring, so define a simple format to encapsulate the data in Tamashii.

Field Size Description
type 1byte control code(Octal)
tag 2bytes tag, default 0 is broadcast(will be removed)
size 2bytes data size
body ~ data content

We can use Tamashii::Packet to encapsulate different types of information, e.g., String, JSON,and Binary.

packet =, 0, '1234')

When we transfer data, we will translate the data into a Binary format before the transmission. If you want to convert, then we can use dump and load these two methods.

buffer = packet.dump
recv_packet = Tamashii::Packet.load(buffer)

To get the original content of the data, you can use type and body to determine what information you want to access.

if packet.type == Tamashii::Type::AUTH_TOKEN
  puts packet.body # AUTH_TOKEN is a string


There are a wide variety of types data exchange in Tamashii. In order to access these packet easily, we define a series of settings to assist in accessing these types.

# System Action
# ...
Type id Name Description
000 POWEROFF Shut down
001 REBOOT Restart
002 RESTART Restart service
003 UPDATE Update the software
010 AUTH_TOKEN Token certification
017 AUTH_RESPONSE Certification results
030 RFID_NUMBER Authentication card number
031 RFID_DATA Card information
036 RFID_RESPONSE_JSON Card reader results
037 RFID_RESPONSE_STRING Card reader results
040 BUZZER_SOUND Make buzzer sound
050 LCD_MESSAGE Display LCD text
051 LCD_SET_IDLE_TEXT Set the display text when standby


To get the source code

$ git clone

Initialize the development environment

$ ./bin/setup

Run the spec

$ rspec

Installation the version of development on localhost

$ bundle exec rake install


Please report to us on Github if there is any bug or suggested modified.

The project was developed by 5xruby Inc.