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batchku commented Sep 25, 2012

0 is there documentation somewhere that answers questions like:

  1. how do i communicate with servos?
  2. how do i communicate with steppers?
  3. how do i know if it's soft pwm or hard pwm?
  4. is it possible to set the softPWM freq?
  5. how do you talk to slip without messages? can't you use message boxes and pass it thru an opensoundcontrol object? (that doezn't seem to work)
tambien commented Oct 6, 2012

0-2. i added some documentation to the README
3. I added an extra command to pwm which is /h which returns if the pwm on that pin is hardware or software.
4. It doesn't seem like the softPWM library exposes that ability.
5. it should be possible to send commands using the OpenSoundControl object in Max. I tested it out and it worked fine for me. make sure you follow the message with a bang to output the bundle.

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