A simple yet powerful native javascript plugin for a cool typewriter effect.
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TypewriterJS v2

A simple yet powerful native javascript plugin for a cool typewriter effect, developed by Tameem Safi.

I am still learning so any advice or feedback would be amazing. You can find my email on my profile page.

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This include the core typewriter library, which can be used directly through the API.

See examples in the 'examples' folder.

import Typewriter from 'typewriter-effect/dist/core';

new Typewriter('#typewriter', {
  strings: ['Hello', 'World'],
  autoStart: true,


Name Type Default value Description
strings String or Array null Strings to type out when using autoStart option
cursor String Pipe character String value to use as the cursor.
delay 'natural' or Number 'natural' The delay between each key when typing.
loop Boolean false Wether to keep looping or not.
autoStart Boolean false Wether to autostart typing strings or not. You are required to provide strings option.
devMode Boolean false Wether or not to display console logs.
wrapperClassName String 'Typewriter__wrapper' Class name for the wrapper element.
cursorClassName String 'Typewriter__cursor' Class name for the cursor element.


All methods can be chained together.

Name Params Description
start - Start the typewriter effect.
stop - Stop the typewriter effect.
pauseFor ms Time to pause for in milliseconds Pause for milliseconds
typeString string String to type out, it can contain HTML tags Type out a string using the typewriter effect.
deleteAll speed Speed to delete all visibles nodes, can be number or 'natural' Delete everything that is visible inside of the typewriter wrapper element.
deleteChars amount Number of characters Delete and amount of characters, starting at the end of the visible string.
callFunction cb Callback, thisArg this Object to bind to the callback function Call a callback function. The first parameter to the callback elements which contains all DOM nodes used in the typewriter effect.
changeDeleteSpeed speed Number or 'natural' The speed at which to delete the characters, lower number is faster.
changeDelay delay Number or 'natural' Change the delay when typing out each character


This incldues a React component which can be used within your project. You can pass in a onInit function which will be called with the instance of the typewriter so you can use the typewriter core API.

import Typewriter from 'typewriter-effect';

  onInit={(typewriter) => {
    typewriter.typeString('Hello World!')
      .callFunction(() => {
        console.log('String typed out!');
      .callFunction(() => {
        console.log('All strings were deleted');

Alternatively you can also pass in options to use auto play and looping for example:

import Typewriter from 'typewriter-effect';

    strings: ['Hello', 'World'],
    autoStart: true,
    loop: true,


You can use the CDN JS version of this plugin for fast and easy setup.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/typewriter-effect/dist/core.js"></script>