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#My first hackathon work. A mobile web application for scheduling, organising and managing channels of communication in an educational Institution. This is the Mobile Web-app that I built from scratch in #hackforIndia hackathon Under the category “EduTech”

  1. Intro EdView is intended to serve as an effecient network of communication between ➔ Teachers ➔ Students ➔ Parents
  2. Features for Teachers/Instructors : ● Add courses being taught ● Add students to the courses ● #Maintain class attendance (Which when falling below a level automatically goes to the dashboard of the parents) ● Upload and share Coursework with students ● Upload and share Homework assignments ● #Monitor and share performance reports with parents. ● #Assign Projects ● Notify PTMs. ● #Remotely answering doubts.
  3. For Students/Parents: ● Stay updated with coursework and homework through links in their feed. ● View courses and their past coursework and all past homework ● #View attendance. ● #Collaborate for Projects ● Notify PTMs. ● News feed shows all upcoming events and automatically removes expired events. ● #Remotely answering doubts and discussions. (# = Pending feature)

Live version oh Use username s.1 for Student and t.1 for teacher Password is set to "pswd" (without quotes) for all accounts.


My first hackathon work.



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