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ksh port

This is my port of the OpenBSD ksh shell for all my machines not running OpenBSD.

Barely compiles and kinda runs (thanks to many ugly hacks) on:

  • macOS (tested on 10.13, 10.14)
  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 18.04)


Homebrew on macOS

Just do it, you know you want to:

$ brew install tamentis/core/openbsd-ksh


$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install make gcc libc-dev ncurses-dev

Then continue with the generic instructions below.


$ sudo yum install gcc make ncurses-devel

Then continue with the generic instructions below.

Unix-y, from source

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

What's missing

  • There is no call to pledge(), since it does not exist outside of OpenBSD.
  • This package will not install ksh as sh replacement, neither will it install the corresponding sh man page, this is not intended as a system shell.



  • Bound ^L (ctrl-l) to clear the screen rather than redrawing.
  • Addressed inconsistent behavior when evaluating arithmetical expressions.
  • Skip most of the mail check if MAIL is not set.
  • Fixed the case where the recursion detection isn't reset when the command is interrupted.


  • Support 64 bit integers on 32 bit architectures.


  • Memory allocation was switched from calloc(3) back to malloc(3), making it easier to recognize uninitialized memory. As a result, a history-related bug in emacs editing mode was discovered and fixed.


  • Improved UTF-8 line editing support for Emacs and Vi input mode.


  • Partial UTF-8 line editing support for Vi input mode.


  • Improve various details of POSIX compliance.


  • Partial support for inserting and deleting UTF-8 characters in emacs command line editing mode.


I cannot be held responsible for whatever damage is done to your system from using that code. It is provided AS IS, with NO WARRANTY, either expressed or implied.


Via CVS:

  1. clone the repo for whatever branch you want:
$ cvs -d co -rOPENBSD_6_3 src/bin/ksh
  1. hack away, diff, incorporate
  2. pull request?

Via the GitHub clone:

  1. Clone the clone:
git clone
  1. Export the patches one by one, edit the path, import:
$ git format-patch -1 --stdout e2d3b05ea4601a... > /tmp/patch
$ vim /tmp/patch
$ git am /tmp/patch