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Tameside CoderDojo Website

The Tameside CoderDojo website.

If you're a Tameside CoderDojo member, feel free to fork and send pull requests, or contact a Mentor to be added to the Github organisation so you can commit directly.

Most files have code comments included to help you understand the structure.

Getting started

If you're at the CoderDojo, ask a mentor for the files you need, and unzip them all somewhere on your PC. The Mentor should have these files on a USB Flash drive.

Starting your PHP server

Once you've unzipped PHP, to start your PHP server:

  • Open a command prompt
  • cd (change directory) to where you unzipped the website files
  • cd webroot
  • find the location you unzipped the PHP executable, and make a note of it
  • type c:\location\of\php\bin\php.exe -S 8000

The server will start running and will tell it is ready on localhost:8000. Visit http://localhost:8000 in your web browser (Chrome if you have it) and you'll see your copy of the website.

Change any of the files, hit refresh in the browser, and you'll see the change instantly - you're making a website!


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