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This is a project for translating one language to another language, with the support of a thid language(s). It involves both the approaches to pivoting and the management techniques for available resources.

The first, and the most center to the project, is tmtriangulate - a tool for phrase table triangulation

ABOUT tmtriangulate

This program handles the triangulation of Moses phrase tables, with 6 different options.


The script requires Python >= 2.7.

The script has not yet been run on Windows.


TmTriangulate merges two phrase tables into one phrase table.

A command example: ./ features_based -m pspt -s test/model1 -t test/model1 This command will merge model1 with itself and estimate the feature values based on posterior probabilities.

The basic command line: ./ [action] -m [sppt] -s source-phrase-table -t target-phrase-table

Until now, there are two actions, associated with two approaches to estimating values of the source-target phrase table:

  • features_based: Computing the new probabilities from the component probabilities "Machine Translation by Triangulation: Making Effective Use of Multi-Parallel Corpora" (Cohn et al 2007)

  • counts_based: Computing the new probabilities by approximating new co-occurrence counts "Improving Pivot-Based Statistical Machine Translation by Pivoting the Co-occurrence Count of Phrase Pairs" (Zhu et al 2014)

Each action is set to default with its best options. Typically, you have to specify a few parameters:

  • mode (-m): indicates the direction of input phrase tables, i.e. source-pivot or pivot-source.

  • computation (-co): specifies the scenario to triangulate the co-occurrence counts.

  • weight (-w): specifies the scenario to combine weights of identical phrase pairs.

  • source PT (-s): specifies the source phrase table or its directory with a given structure (dir/model/phrase-table)

  • target PT (-t): specifies the target phrase table or its directory with a given structure (dir/model/phrase-table)

For further usage information, run ./ -h


This project is under development!

Python multi-processing is automatically activated. There is no need for any configuration.

Author: Tam Hoang, Ondřej Bojar

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, even jokes, feel free to send me an email at tamhd1990 AT gmail DOT com