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Tâmia Semantic Release

npm Build Status

Custom semantic-release workflow:

Read more in my article Automate npm releases with semantic-release and human-written change logs.


First install semantic-release.


npm install --save-dev semantic-release-tamia

Add to your package.json:

"release": {
  "analyzeCommits": "semantic-release-tamia/analyzeCommits",
  "generateNotes": "semantic-release-tamia/generateNotes",
  "verifyRelease": "semantic-release-tamia/verifyRelease"

Release process

To release a new version, you'll need to create a commit with Changelog type. To simplify the creation of it use tamia-changelog.

To generate change log draft run tamia-changelog. It will create a file with all important commits for the release grouped by type (breaking changes, new features and bugfixes) and open it in your default editor.

Now you can rewrite your change log to make it valuable for your users.

To commit change log run tamia-changelog commit. It will make a commit without changes (git commit --allow-empty) of type Changelog and change log in commit message body.