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Tamiat CMS

Made with ❤︎ by Mahmoud Nouman and contributors

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What It Looks Like

​ screenshots will be here with explaination

  • Getting Started

    To get started with Tamiat CMS, you will find the src code of frontend and backend here:

    You will find the development instructions inside the both repositories.

  • Features

    • Creating content types with your own attributes, for example: You can create a car content type wich contains car photo, car type, car model .. etc.
    • Creating contents.
    • There are many roles in the application:
      • SuperAdmin: Create, Update, Delete, Read content types.
      • Admin: Create, Update, Read content types.
      • Others: Update, Read content types.
    • Ability for creating new roles in the application.
  • Testing

    You can test the application using postman collection, You will find it in the backend repository.