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A simple library that makes it easier to do few basic crypto tasks.
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A simple class that makes it easier to do few basic crypto tasks.

At this stage, its quite basic, and its hardcoded to use Rijndael as a symmetric algorithm.

Functionality so far:

  • Encrypting/Decrypting byte arrays.
  • Encrypting/Decrypting strings.
  • Encrypting/Decrypting files.
  • Encrypting/Decrypting streams.
  • Random Key and IV generation
  • Extension methods to convert back and to Base64 and Hex Encoded strings

Plans for future expansion are underway.


You can find the build package on nuget here:

#Sample Code

var key = CryptoMonkey.GenerateRandomKey(AllowedKeySizes.KL_192);
var iv = CryptoMonkey.GenerateRandomIv(AllowedBlockSizes.BL_128);

var monkey = new CryptoMonkey(key, iv);

var testString = "Hello World";

var encryptedBase64String = monkey.EncryptString(testString);

var decryptedString = monkey.DecryptString(encryptedBase64String);
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