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Detorte color scheme for Vim (originating from built-in desert and torte color schemes)
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Detorte Color Scheme for Vim

Detorte is a color scheme for Vim, which originates from built-in desert and torte color schemes. Detorte will behave mostly the same in both GUI and 256-Color terminal Vim.

Detorte has both a dark theme and a light theme, which are for your choice. :)


Copy the files on your .vim/colors folder. Or alternatively, use a plugin manager such as Vundle, or Pathogen.

If you prefer the dark theme, add this in your .vimrc file:

let g:detorte_theme_mode = 'dark'

Or the light theme:

let g:detorte_theme_mode = 'light'

Useful Commands

  • DetorteHighContrast
    Turn on high contrast mode in dark theme mode. It is useful when you are presenting your screen.
  • DetorteHighlight [style]
    Change both the GUI and CTerm settings of highlight group <group>. <fg-color-num> and <bg-color-num> are the 256 color number and -1 means not specified.
    [style] is bold, italic, or none.
    Example: DetorteHighlight CursorLine 16 -1 none.









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