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1. Live Preview Tunnel

VNote provides the most pleasant PlantUML editing experience via Live Preview Tunnel, even with limitted space.

  • When you move your cursor wihtin the PlantUML code block in the editor, VNote will scroll and highlight that element in the live preview area.
  • When you select text in the live preview area, VNote will highlight the corresponding word in the editor.


User can disable tunnel in the context menu of preview area.

By the way, improvements about preview also includes:

  • Support in-place preview for online PlantUML;
  • Ctrl+E U to expand live preview area;

2. Outline Panel in Exported HTML File

Want to share your notes? Just export them to a single HTML file. Now VNote provides a outline panel in the HTML file.


3. Highlight Matches wihtin Page in Full-Text Search

In full-text search or Universal Entry search, after clicking a match item, VNote will open it in edit mode and highlight all the matches.

4. Quick Access

Support specifying a note for quick access. Just press Ctrl+Alt+I to open that note.


  • Flash page Ctrl+Alt+L is intended to be used to hold temporary contents;
  • Quick access page is intended to be used to hold frequently used information.

5. Others

  • Fix captain mode shortcuts in different keyboard layout on Windows. Linux and macOS still need some fixes.
  • Magic Word: support %att% as the relative path of the attachment folder, which can be used to insert link to attachments.
  • Editor
    • Allow inserting link or content when dropping files in;
    • Support highlighting tabs;
  • Support parsing HTML tables without head.

@tamlok tamlok released this Aug 23, 2018 · 106 commits to master since this release

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1. Parse HTML and Paste

Now we could copy HTML and paste as Markdown text.


2. Links, Images, In-Place Previews, and Graphs

Right click in the editor:

  • Access a link or copy link URL;
  • View an image or copy it;
  • Copy in-place preview;
  • Export and copy Graphviz and PlantUML graph;

3. Search for Multiple Tags

  • vnote markdown will search for notes with both tag vnote and markdown;
  • vnote || markdown will search for notes with either tag vnote or markdown;

@tamlok tamlok released this Aug 10, 2018 · 131 commits to master since this release

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ATTENTION: Please Reset Layout in the settings dialog after updates.

1. A Small Target: 10K Lines

Improve performance of editor to be able to handle notes having 10K lines.

2. Completion

We now have Vim-like completion in editor. Press Ctrl+N or Ctrl+P to pop up the completion. For more shortcuts, please refer to the help menu.


3. Build Notebook from External Directory

When you create a notebook, you could choose an existing directory as the root folder. VNote will add all the folders and files recursively. Please note that there should be NO files right under the root directory.

4. Use <mark> to Add Some Colors

If you really need to highlight some words, you could now use <mark>vnote</mark> to mark that word.


@tamlok tamlok released this Jul 23, 2018 · 166 commits to master since this release

Assets 6


You may need to refine your customized theme. Please refer to the default themes for reference.

2. Expanded Level of Outline

We could specify the expanded level of Outline. It is useful to auto-fold some headings in a huge note.


3. Explorer

  • Support searching contents of files in the Explorer root directory in the Search dock widget and Universal Entry;
  • Support Drag&Drop a directory to Explorer to open it;
  • Support Vim-like navigation;

4. MathJax

  • We do not need to escape characters at all;
  • We now have more identical behaviors in both edit and read mode;


5. Highlighter

  • Multi-Threaded highlighter for more instant, efficient, and responsive highlight;
  • Support YAML Front Matter in edit mode;
  • Support background for HRULE in edit mode

6. Others

  • Ctrl+; instead of Ctrl+K to insert inline code;
  • Ctrl+J/K to scroll page up/down in both edit and read mode;

@tamlok tamlok released this Jul 3, 2018 · 209 commits to master since this release

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1. Tags

VNote supports tags for notes now. Tags will be shown at the bottom right corner. Click the tag edit and press Enter to add a tag.


You could use Navigation Mode to view all tags and add a tag without using mouse.

VNote supports browsing tags and notes in the navigation panel.


We could search tags conveniently by UniversalEntry or Search.


2. View Images in Read Mode

We could double-click an image or diagram in read mode to view and zoom it.


3. Others

  • Add test buttons for PlantUML and Graphviz configuration in settings dialog;
  • CaptainMode: Ctrl+E Y to focus to edit area;

@tamlok tamlok released this Jun 9, 2018 · 229 commits to master since this release

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1. Another Dark Theme v_detorte

Now we introduce another dark theme v_detorte from a Vim color scheme detorte.


It is more eye-friendly than v_moonlight in day time.

2. Others

  • Explorer: fix the crash when no root entry is set;
  • Support maximizing split Ctrl+E Shift+| and distributing splits Ctrl+E =;
  • Support hiding tool bar Ctrl+E Shift+#;

@tamlok tamlok released this Jun 1, 2018 · 249 commits to master since this release

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ATTENTION: you may need to drag the handle of the edit area or reset the layout after upgrading to 1.17.

1. History

VNote supports browsing the history of notes and folders.


We could also pin some important notes there.


We could access History in Universal Entry by key j.

2. Explorer

Though we always emphasize that VNote is a note-taking application instead of a Markdown editor, VNote now supports browsing external files by Explorer.


3. View Order of Notes

We now support specifying different orders to view notes.


4. Others

  • Support specifying relative path for a notebook;
  • Fix input method issue on macOS for Universal Entry;
  • Support customized zoom delta of editor;
  • Better support for hiDPI;
  • Support stay-on-top;

@tamlok tamlok released this May 11, 2018 · 297 commits to master since this release

Assets 6
  • Markdown-it: supports specifying image size (please refer to the Markdown guide help docs), emoji, and YAML metadata;
  • Bug fixes;

@tamlok tamlok released this Apr 29, 2018 · 324 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

1. Support PlantUML and Graphviz

Now you could enjoy PlantUML and Graphviz in VNote! You could use online PlantUML server or local JAR. Pay attention to the privacy issue if you choose online service.


Please reference to the Markdown guide help for details.


2. In-Place Preview for MathJax and Diagrams

Besides images, VNote now supports in-place preview for MathJax, PlantUML, Graphviz, and Flowchart.js.


3. Live-Preview for Diagrams

To help drawing a large diagrams, VNote provides a side-by-side live-preview panel. Press Ctrl+E I to trigger it.


4. Embedding Images in Exported HTML

VNote could embed images in exprted HTML as data URI, which enables you to share your notes in just a few HTML files without image folders.


5. Others

  • Restore cursor position when recovering pages at startup;
  • UniversalEntry
    • Ctrl+I to expand/collapse current item;
    • Ctrl+L to go to current item's parent item;
  • Markdown-it: aware of YAML format metadata in notes;
  • Show hovered link in status line in read mode;

Don't forget to advertise VNote to your friends! :)

@tamlok tamlok released this Apr 3, 2018 · 374 commits to master since this release

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1. Universal Entry

Universal Entry is an entry to nearly everything by just typing. Each built-in entry has a unique character as the Entry Key. Type the entry key, then type the command, the command will be passed to that entry.

To call out the Universal Entry, just press Ctrl+G.


Press ? to view the help information about Universal Entry. For example, we press e to search the name of folders and notes in current notebook.


2. Others

  • Single click a note in note list to open it in a new tab by default;
  • Translate Ctrl in default shortcuts to Meta on macOS. From now on, you could just press Control on macOS as on Windows and Linux;
  • Do not copy files when import them if they locate in current folder;

A screen cast of Universal Entry: