Assets 6

1. Live Preview Tunnel

VNote provides the most pleasant PlantUML editing experience via Live Preview Tunnel, even with limitted space.

  • When you move your cursor wihtin the PlantUML code block in the editor, VNote will scroll and highlight that element in the live preview area.
  • When you select text in the live preview area, VNote will highlight the corresponding word in the editor.


User can disable tunnel in the context menu of preview area.

By the way, improvements about preview also includes:

  • Support in-place preview for online PlantUML;
  • Ctrl+E U to expand live preview area;

2. Outline Panel in Exported HTML File

Want to share your notes? Just export them to a single HTML file. Now VNote provides a outline panel in the HTML file.


3. Highlight Matches wihtin Page in Full-Text Search

In full-text search or Universal Entry search, after clicking a match item, VNote will open it in edit mode and highlight all the matches.

4. Quick Access

Support specifying a note for quick access. Just press Ctrl+Alt+I to open that note.


  • Flash page Ctrl+Alt+L is intended to be used to hold temporary contents;
  • Quick access page is intended to be used to hold frequently used information.

5. Others

  • Fix captain mode shortcuts in different keyboard layout on Windows. Linux and macOS still need some fixes.
  • Magic Word: support %att% as the relative path of the attachment folder, which can be used to insert link to attachments.
  • Editor
    • Allow inserting link or content when dropping files in;
    • Support highlighting tabs;
  • Support parsing HTML tables without head.