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πŸ€™ TamoTam. HangOut. Offline.

TamoTam in Apple App Store TamoTam in Google Play Store

Frontend/JavaScript/Web Developer interested in React Native/JavaScript Mobile Development?

The project is a combination of a personal education project to learn JavaScript Mobile Development using React Native and business idea to create a mobile app with offline-only events.

Therefore, even if that's just from business point of view super easy app for now, it contains several nice technical implementation, which helped me to understand the ecosystem on React Native and become better developer.

Technical goodies for Developers

  • React/Native + TypeScript;
  • Redux, we might find in Web;
  • Different databases (Firebase, SQLite, AsyncStorage);
  • AsyncStorage, which is really comparable to localStorage we have on Web;
  • Caching data using AsyncStorage;
  • Making the Web code actually compiled & working with deployed app to the store;
  • Logging & Monitoring to Firebase Analytics/Firebase Performance Monitoring;
  • Reporting crashes to Firebase Crashlytics;
  • Handling environmental variables in Web, Android, and iOS - changes in native code were required;
  • Integration of 3rd party tools, like Firebase-* and Google Maps;
  • Usage, looks & feel of Material Design (React Native Paper) in a real application.

Stay up to date

Keep yourself up to date about TamoTam and me motivated by giving a Star :-) Star TamoTam on GitHub

Go Online to be Offline.

~~ Please Read ~~

The application is in an early stage of development, the so-called "Early Alpha". It's relatively stable, but some features might not work, and we kindly ask you not to review it poorly for that reason. We release it to get feedback if there's a need for such an application.

List of known issues:

  • Long loading time during initial load, especially for non-US based users,
  • Uploaded Images aren't displayed after reloading the application,
  • Sometimes, users-added (white Markers) aren't loaded,
  • Edited events aren't reflected on the Map,
  • Not an issue, but we might need to be more explicit about it: date & time are aligned per your localization.

The remaining list of improvements can be found on That's an Open Source project; feel free to contribute.

~~ Normal Description ~~

TamoTam aims to limit online time spent on applications. In our Proof of Concept (PoC), we showcase a list of offline events happening around and allow users to add them by themselves without any registration.

Eventually, we want to keep the user as little time as possible in TamoTam in favor of spending time outside the screen. The application aims to be minimalistic and exclude features such as:

  • Feed, which addicts users to stay outside the real world,
  • Likes, we advise you to watch The Social Dilemma to understand why,
  • Comments, #StopHate,
  • Share, #StopFakeNews,
  • Other complicated Algorithms unconsciously affect you to stay online.

That's because we believe Social Media affects us mentally, such as Anxiety, Depression, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), Fear of Speaking Up, Isolation, and more.

It will take time before the application will be performant and user-friendly, but in early 2023 we expect Late Alpha / Early Beta. Thanks in advance for understanding while reviewing TamoTam.

Look what's happening around you in a Real. Offline. Social Life.


Android Simulator

  1. Run on Android Studio
  2. yarn start
  3. adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081

Alternatively, expo run:android --variant release, for production version.

Kill Android Simulator

adb -s emulator-5554 emu kill, where emulator-5554 is the emulator name.

iOS Simulator

  1. Build using Xcode, if the application isn't installed on the simulator
  2. yarn start
  3. i

Alternatively, expo run:ios --configuration Release, for production version.


  1. eas build -p android
  2. eas build -p ios


We're using Redux, but the easiest to understand the architecture is the image below with Flux architecture, which in fact is really similar. However, it's important to note we're using 1 store, like in Redux architecture.

Data Flow Architecture image Image source:

External API's, like Ticketmaster, provide +/- 10k of external events. The TamoTam's client is fetching also events added by the user, from Firebase. After all events will be fetched, those are being cached locally, using AsyncStorage. After events are being cached locally on a device, the user can save their favourite events. Those saved events are also saved locally on a device. Those are saved using SQLite. In addition to that, users can add their own events, and those are saved in Firebase.

Application Architecture image Made using: