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                    TestLink 1.9 - Read me

1. Introduction
2. Release notes
3. System Requirements
4. Installation
5. Upgrade and Migration
6. TestLink Team 
7. Bug Reports and Feedback

1. Introduction

TestLink is a web based test management and test execution system.
It enables quality assurance teams to create and manage their test 
cases as well as to organize them into test plans. These test plans 
allow team members to execute test cases and track test results 

TestLink is a GPL licensed open source project. All of the source code 
behind TestLink is freely available for download via SourceForge 
at If you are interested in contributing 
to the TestLink effort feel free to contact us.
There is no hidden fee - 100% free for using!

2. Release notes

This is release candidate of final and stable release and we recommend 
to update from older version.

New features within 1.8: 
    * Platforms - possibility to test with several configuration/environment
    * Requirements versions, type
    * Test case: Step-by-step structure
    * Inventory
    * Compatibility with PHP5.3 
See CHANGELOG file for detailed list.

3. System Requirements - server

Server environment should consists from:
- web-server: Apache 1.2 , 2.x
- PHP 5.2, 5.3
- DBMS: MySQL 4.1 - 5.x , Postgres 8.x , MS-SQL 2000

Supported client web-browsers: 
- Firefox 3.x
- Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x   

4. Installation
The following details the basic steps for installation on any   
system. The instructions may seem unix-centric but should work  
fine on Windows systems.

Barring complications, it should take you about 10-20 minutes 
to install, configure, and be using TestLink.

Short summary:
 1. Transfer files
 2. Uncompress files
 3. Launch web based installer

1. First, transfer the file to your web-server using whatever 
method you like best (ftp, scp, etc).  You will need to telnet/ssh 
into the server machine for the next steps.

2. Next, untar/gunzip it to the directory that you want.
The usual command is (1 step):

	tar zxvf <filename.tar.gz>

OR  (2 steps):

	gunzip <filename.tar.gz>
	tar xvf <filename.tar>

Total Commander, Winzip, and other programs should also be able 
to handle decompression of the archive.

At this point you may want to rename the directory to something 
different to 'testlink'. You should allow write access for
logging, upload and template directories.

3. Launch web based installer
We will create the necessary database tables and a basic configuration
file. From your web server, access http://yoursite/testlink/ 
or similar URL and follow instructions.

Check Installation manual and TestLink forum if you meet a problem.

5. Upgrade and Migration
When accessing Installer page you will found following options:

 - New Installation
 - Migration from 1.8 to 1.9

 - Make a Backup of your current database.
 - Using  a NEW DIRECTORY (DO NOT OVERWRITE your old installation),  
   do only following steps from Install procedure:
                                           Transfer files
                                           Uncompress files
 - Copy your old and to NEW DIRECTORY.
 - Launch TestLink
 - TestLink will check Database version, and if some upgrade/migration 
   is needed will launch automatically the installer.

 If you are updating a same major version (for example 1.7.0 to 1.7.1) 
 you need to use Upgrade Database.
 If you are using a different major version detailed in options,  
 you need to use the specific Migrations.
 If in some steps TestLink ask you for two databases, NEVER use 
 same name from both.
 If you do not find nothing useful, post in forum
 Always before login, after an upgrade/migration clear browser cookies.

6. TestLink Team 

This list comprise people that has helped

--- Project core team ---
* Martin Havlat - Project lead, builds, infrastructure, developer
* Francisco Mancardi - Project lead, core developer, contributors code reviewer
* Andreas Morsing - core developer

--- Developers ---
* Erik Eloff
* Julian Krien
* Andreas Simon
* Amit Khullar

--- Automated Testing ---
* Masami Ichikawa
* Toshiyuki Kawanishi - Japanese localization, developer

--- Contributors and earlier developers ---

* Chad Rosen - (Originator - version 1.0.x)
* Kevin Levy - Developer
* Asiel Brumfield - Infrastructure, developer
* Jason B. Archibald - Developer

* Tools R Us - contributing team
* Oscar Castroviejo - trackplus interface
* Seweryn Plywaczyk - text area custom field
* and Alexandre Da Costa - French localization
* Walter Giaquinto/Alessandro Lia	and - Italian localization
* Alessandro Lia - Javascript and CSS advice.
* Leonardo Molinari - Portuguese localization
* - Spanish localization
* Jonas Fleer : search test case by custom field on test projects
* Lightbulb Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. - techpartners: import test cases from XLS file and 
* Kester Mielke <> (execution tree colouring and counters by tc status)
* Peter Rooms - Bug coloring and labeling according status using same colors than Mantis.
* Eugenia Drosdezki - Move/copy multiple testcases
*                     Access to content of docs folder on combo box  
*                     Multiselect OR keywords filter
* Japanese Testing Engineer's Forum (TEF) in Japan
  Working Group of TestLink Japanese Translation Project
  Atsushi Nagata,       AZMA Daisuke,         Hiromi Nishiyama,
  Kaname Mochizuki,     Kaoru Nakamura,       Kunio Murakami,
  Lumina Nishihara,     Marino Suda,          Masahide Katsumata,
  Masami Ichikawa,      Masataka Yoneta,      Sadahiko Hantani,
  Shinichi Sugiyama,    Shinsuke Matsuki,     Shizuka Ban,
  Takahiro Wada,        Toshinori Sawaguchi,  Toshiyuki Kawanishi,
  Yasuhiko Okada,       Yoichi Kunihiro,      Yoshihiro Yoshimura,
  Yukiko Kajino			Yasuharu Nishi

--- Code reuse ---  
  We try to follow as much as possibile the following principle:
       Do not reinvent the wheel.
  We use code, and documentation from other Open Source Systems 
  (see CODE_REUSE document for details).

7. Bug Reports and Feedback

You may contact us at the TestLink forum at

If you found this software useful for your company please
post in forum on section "Companies using TestLink".

To submit a bug or a feature, please use our Mantis installation at 



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  • PHP 78.9%
  • Smarty 12.2%
  • HTML 4.9%
  • JavaScript 2.7%
  • CSS 0.6%
  • Perl 0.5%
  • Other 0.2%