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RSS feed that pulls only Trump-related news.
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  • Our media has become addicted to the pursuit of a pointless enemy. We choose instead to trade insults instead of try and solve inequalities.
  • Trump Dump is a single-page news feed app that uses news APIs to pull stories only featuring the keywords "donald trump".
  • Trump Dump isn't supposed to be a resource - it's a record of how obsessed we've become with distracting and bloating ourselves with hatred an as excuse to ignore injustice.


  • Three news sites (The Guardian, NY Times, Breitbart)
    • thumbnails, headline, byline, readership data (where available)
  • Loader before articles load

#Challenges & next steps

  • Difficult to access the relevant data in certain APIs. For instance, NY Times was the only outlet that provided proper 'impressions' data; Breitbart and The Guardian used different impressions models that were not comparable.
  • Yet to implement 'filter by source' functionality
  • Yet to implement 'search' functionality
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