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A theme for TaskPaper 3.5 inspired on @jpinnix TaskPaper2 theme
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preview.png change theme screenshot Oct 24, 2016

Pixelgrazer-Plus for TaskPaper 3.5

Theme for TaskPaper 3.5 inspired on Pixelgrazer theme for Task Paper 2 by @jpinnix.


  • White for all items
  • Orange for all @tags
  • Red for items tagged @today
  • Extra-red for @flag or @high or @prio
  • Cyan for items tagged @next
  • Item with link
  • Gray for @waiting items


  1. Copy Pixelgrazer.less file to TaskPaper 3 application StyleSheets folder. You can find TaskPaper 3 application StyleSheets folder by TaskPaper 3 menu: Window > StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder.
  2. Change TaskPaper StyleSheet by TaskPaper 3 menu: Window > StyleSheet > Pixelgrazer.less


  • Better color for saved searches
  • Fix bugs
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