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image Create Trimming.java Aug 19, 2015
AnimeFaceDetect.java Update and rename Histgram.pde to AnimeFaceDetect.java Aug 2, 2015
BoxFilter.java Update BoxFilter.java Aug 2, 2015
Canny.java Update and rename Canny.pde to Canny.java Aug 2, 2015
Cluster.java Rename Kmeans.java to Cluster.java Aug 2, 2015
CreateImage.java Create CreateImage.java Aug 2, 2015
DrawEllipse.java Update and rename Roi.pde to DrawEllipse.java Aug 2, 2015
DrawLine.java Update and rename StereoSGBM.pde to DrawLine.java Aug 2, 2015
DrawRect.java Update and rename StereoBM.pde to DrawRect.java Aug 2, 2015
DrawText.java Update and rename Split.pde to DrawText.java Aug 2, 2015
FaceDetect.java Update and rename FaceDetect.pde to FaceDetect.java Aug 2, 2015
GaussianBlur.java Update and rename TemplateMatching.pde to GaussianBlur.java Aug 2, 2015
Grayscale.java Update and rename Threshold.pde to Grayscale.java Aug 2, 2015
HoughCircles.java Update and rename HoughLineSlider.pde to HoughCircles.java Aug 1, 2015
HoughLines.java Update and rename FindContours.pde to HoughLines.java Aug 1, 2015
HoughLinesP.java Update and rename HoughLine.pde to HoughLinesP.java Aug 1, 2015
Invert.java Update and rename BackgroundSubtraction.pde to Invert.java Aug 1, 2015
Laplacian.java Update and rename Loadimage.pde to Laplacian.java Aug 2, 2015
Level.java Update and rename Diff.pde to Level.java Aug 2, 2015
LoadImage.java Update and rename Hsv.pde to LoadImage.java Aug 2, 2015
MedianBlur.java Update and rename Max.pde to MedianBlur.java Aug 2, 2015
Resize.java Update Resize.java Aug 2, 2015
Sobel.java Update and rename Sobel.pde to Sobel.java Aug 2, 2015