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Ckeditor Drupal Feature
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CKEditor Drupal Feature

This is a simple feature wich contains correct CKEditor installation.


Make a new Drupal installation with CKEditor feature:

  • drush make [WEBDIR]
  • Install Drupal (drush si [YOUR OPTIONS])
  • Enable Features module (drush en -y features)
  • Enable Tanarurkerem CKEditor feature at admin/structure/features (drush en -y tanarurkerem_ckeditor)
  • Revert Tanarurkerem CKEditor settings (drush fr -y tanarurkerem_ckeditor)

Install Tanarurkerem CKEditor feature to an existing site

  • drush make --no-core --tar tanarurkerem_ckeditor
  • Mac OSX - bsdtar 2.8.3 - libarchive 2.8.3

    tar -x -s /tanarurkerem_ckeditor// -C [YOUR DRUPAL WEB DIR] < tanarurkerem_ckeditor.tar.gz

  • Ubuntu - (GNU tar) 1.25

    tar -x -z --xform s/tanarurkerem_ckeditor// -C [YOUR DRUPAL WEB DIR] < ./tanarurkerem_ckeditor.tar.gz

Use it in a .make file

  • add a following lines to your make file:
projects[tanarurkerem_ckeditor][type] = module
projects[tanarurkerem_ckeditor][subdir] = features
projects[tanarurkerem_ckeditor][download][type] = git 
projects[tanarurkerem_ckeditor][download][url] = git://  
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