Real Time Shared Canvas with chat running on Node, Express,
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This is a small/mini project where I'm implementing a Shared Canvas where the connected clients can collaboratively draw.

This project is hosted on heroku on the following URL: [The Live App] (

The technologies used are: Node.js, Express,, Jade on the server side and jQuery and paper.js on the client side

The project is licensed under The MIT License

Directory Structure:

├── LICENSE.txt
├── Procfile
├── app.js
├── package.json
├── public
│   ├── css
│   │   └── canvas_style.css
│   ├── js
│   │   ├── canvas.js
│   │   └── draw.js
│   ├── libs
│   │   └── paper-full.min.js
│   ├── res
│   │   ├── colorChooser.gif
│   │   └── transChooser.gif
│   └── templates
│       ├── canvas.jade
│       └── login.jade
└── src
    ├── canvas_server.js
    └── users.js

The public/ folder contains the files that will be used by the app running on the client side. The folder public/css/ stores the stylesheets, public/js/ stores the Javascript codes that will be executed on the client, public/libs/ stores the external Javascript libraries used in the front-end app. public/res/ stores the images and/or other resources. public/templates/ stores the Jade templates. The src/ folder stores the Javascript codes that are run on the server. app.js is the main server file that will be run by the Node interpreter. Procfile is used to tell Heroku which script the Node interpreter should run. LICENSE.txt states the license used by this project. package.json lists the packages which can be used by npm to install all the dependencies.

Installing and Using

  1. You need to install Node and Git, and add the directory of binaries to your path.
  2. Type into the console git clone
  3. Run the command npm install which will install all the needed packages.
  4. Run the command node app.js which will display a port number on the console.
  5. Type into your browser localhost:5000 replace 5000 with the post number displayed on the console.
  6. Run it in multiple browser windows to see the action happening in real time.