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Netlify Status

Automated deployment using Netlify.

All photos and pictures are copyrighted material. Code released under the MIT license. See LICENSE file.

Development server

Run ng build --watch and Run ng scully --watch

The server is available on "http://localhost:1668/". The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


Run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -c production option for a production build.


SSG (Static Site Generator)

Scully: The Static Site Generator for Angular apps.

This is the perfect article for creating an Angular static site with scully on netlify.

v13 to v14 Migration log

** Executing migrations of package '@angular/core' **

❯ As of Angular version 13, entryComponents are no longer necessary. Migration completed.

❯ In Angular version 14, the pathMatch property of Routes was updated to be a strict union of the two valid options: 'full'|'prefix'. Routes and Route variables need an explicit type so TypeScript does not infer the property as the looser string. Migration completed.

❯ As of Angular version 14, Forms model classes accept a type parameter, and existing usages must be opted out to preserve backwards-compatibility. UPDATE src/app/modal/contact-me/contact-me.component.ts (2445 bytes) Migration completed.

** Executing migrations of package '@angular/cli' **

❯ Remove 'defaultProject' option from workspace configuration. The project to use will be determined from the current working directory. UPDATE angular.json (4541 bytes) Migration completed.

❯ Remove 'showCircularDependencies' option from browser and server builders. Migration completed.

❯ Replace 'defaultCollection' option in workspace configuration with 'schematicCollections'. Migration completed.

❯ Update Angular packages 'dependencies' and 'devDependencies' version prefix to '^' instead of '~'. UPDATE package.json (2385 bytes) Packages installed successfully. Migration completed.

❯ Remove 'package.json' files from library projects secondary entrypoints. Migration completed.

❯ Update TypeScript compilation target to 'ES2020'. UPDATE tsconfig.json (543 bytes) Migration completed.


Broserslist Error

BrowserslistError: Unknown version 98 of android


npx browserslist --update-db