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I'm prototyping a new version of ObjcUnit. Let's see if something useful comes out eventually.
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Prototyping a new version of ObjcUnit

I'm experimenting with a new version of ObjcUnit, a unit test framwork for Objective-C that I wrote back in 2001/2002 together with my friend and co-worker Peter Lindberg. ObjcUnit was an adaption (almost a direct translation) of jUnit to Objective-C.

I haven't touched ObjcUnit in years. When testing on the mac today I usually go with OCUnit/SenTestingKit because it's bundled with the dev tools, but I often get frustrated with the whole setup. Testing code on the mac is cumbersome.

I have a few ideas on how to improve the situation. Well, I have a few ideas on how to do things differently. Perhaps when realized, they will also turn out to improve the state of testing on the mac. We'll see.

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