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Small utility that automates the downsizing of retina assets
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Retina Downsizer

Build Status

A small build utility based on node-imagemagick inclusive of command-line tool to fetch and resize retina suffixed (@2x) assets to different pixel densities in configurable and automated fashion.


npm install retina-downsizer

Usage examples


Import the module, intanciate it with some options and call run, if will run through the specified targets and generate downsized assets.

var RetinaDownsizer = require('retina-downsizer'),
    downsize = new RetinaDownsizer({
        targets: './'
    }); (err, generated) {
    if (err) { throw err; }

    // [ /absolute/path/foo.png, /absolute/path/bar.png, ... ]

Multiple targets

You can specify targets as an array, including names of image files and directories to be scanned recursively.

var RetinaDownsizer = require('retina-downsizer'),

new RetinaDownsizer({
    targets: [ './assets', './img/foo@2x.png' ]

Multiple densities

You can specify an array of custom densities (Relative to retina) to resize your retina assets to. Useful when serving your assets selectively with media-queries to many types of devices.

Custom densities will be saved with the same names, suffixed @x.x

var RetinaDownsizer = require('retina-downsizer'),

new RetinaDownsizer({
    targets: './',
    densities: [ 1, 1.5, 1.8 ]


  • targets (Default: './') - A string or array of strings containing directories and files to target
  • extensions (Default: [ 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif' ]) - Array of file extensions to target
  • log (Default: console.log) - Allows specifing a custom log/debug function
  • verbosity (Default: 2) - Level of verbosity. 0: Silent, 1: Log start and results, 2: Log each operation
  • depth (Default: 0) - Depth of range in the specified directory trees. Set to 0 will recur to every sub-directory
  • densities (Default: [ 1 ]) - Array of densities to resize assets to.

Command-line Tool


Install globally to use the command line tool

sudo npm install retina-downsizer - g


Run retinadownsizer --help

Downsize retina images.
Usage: retinadownsize

  -v, --verbose    Verbosity level. -v 0: Silent, -v 1: Log start and end, -v 2: (Default) Log each operation.
  -r, --recursive  Use to fetch and downsize all assets in a directory trees                                  
  -h, --help       Show usage info   

Test with nodeunit

You need to install nodeunit as a global dependency

sudo npm install -g nodeunit

Then run tests with

npm test


nodeunit test/tests
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