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-- Copyright 2018 Tanel Poder. All rights reserved. More info at
-- Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for terms & conditions.
-- Name: i.sql
-- Purpose: the Who am I script (also sets terminal title)
-- Author: Tanel Poder
-- Copyright: (c)
-- Other: Some settings client OS specific (search for title)
def mysid="NA"
def _i_spid="NA"
def _i_cpid="NA"
def _i_opid="NA"
def _i_serial="NA"
def _i_inst="NA"
def _i_host="NA"
def _i_user="&_user"
def _i_conn="&_connect_identifier"
col i_username head USERNAME for a20
col i_sid head SID for a5 new_value mysid
col i_serial head SERIAL# for a8 new_value _i_serial
col i_cpid head CPID for a15 new_value _i_cpid
col i_spid head SPID for a10 new_value _i_spid
col i_opid head OPID for a5 new_value _i_opid
col i_host_name head HOST_NAME for a25 new_value _i_host truncate
--col i_instance_name head CON@INST_NAME for a20 new_value _i_inst
col i_instance_name head INST_NAME for a20 new_value _i_inst
col i_ver head VERSION for a10
col i_startup_day head STARTED for a8
col _i_user noprint new_value _i_user
col _i_conn noprint new_value _i_conn
col i_myoraver noprint new_value myoraver
s.username i_username,
-- i.instance_name i_instance_name,
(CASE SUBSTR(i.version, 1, instr(i.version,'.',1)-1) WHEN '12' THEN (SELECT SYS_CONTEXT('userenv', 'con_name') FROM dual)||'-'||i.instance_name ELSE i.instance_name END) i_instance_name,
i.host_name i_host_name,
to_char(s.sid) i_sid,
to_char(s.serial#) i_serial,
(select substr(banner, instr(banner, 'Release ')+8,10) from v$version where rownum = 1) i_ver,
(select substr(substr(banner, instr(banner, 'Release ')+8),
instr(substr(banner, instr(banner, 'Release ')+8),'.')-1)
from v$version
where rownum = 1) i_myoraver,
to_char(startup_time, 'YYYYMMDD') i_startup_day,
trim(p.spid) i_spid,
trim(to_char( i_opid,
s.process i_cpid,
s.saddr saddr,
p.addr paddr,
lower(s.username) "_i_user",
upper('&_connect_identifier') "_i_conn"
v$session s,
v$instance i,
v$process p
s.paddr = p.addr
sid = (select sid from v$mystat where rownum = 1);
-- Windows CMD.exe specific stuff
--host title &_i_user@&_i_conn [sid=&mysid ser#=&_i_serial spid=&_i_spid inst=&_i_inst host=&_i_host cpid=&_i_cpid opid=&_i_opid]
--host doskey /exename=sqlplus.exe desc=set lines 80 sqlprompt ""$Tdescribe $*$Tset lines 299 sqlprompt "SQL> "
-- short xterm title
host echo -ne "\033]0;&_i_user@&_i_inst &mysid[&_i_spid]\007"
-- long xterm title
--host echo -ne "\033]0;host=&_i_host inst=&_i_inst sid=&mysid ser#=&_i_serial spid=&_i_spid cpid=&_i_cpid opid=&_i_opid\007"
def myopid=&_i_opid
def myspid=&_i_spid
def mycpid=&_i_cpid
-- undef _i_spid _i_inst _i_host _i_user _i_conn _i_cpid
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