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-- Copyright 2018 Tanel Poder. All rights reserved. More info at
-- Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for terms & conditions.
-- File name: lotshparses.sql
-- Purpose: Generate Lots of hard parses and shared pool activity
-- for testing purposes
-- Author: Tanel Poder
-- Copyright: (c)
-- Usage: @lotshparses <number>
-- @lotshparses 100
-- @lotshparses 1000000
-- Other: You probably don't want to run this in production as it can
-- fill your shared pool with junk and flush out any useful stuff!
-- ALTER SESSION SET optimizer_adaptive_features=false;
x number;
for i in 1..&1 loop
execute immediate 'select count(*) from dual where rownum = '||to_char(dbms_random.random) into x;
end loop;
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