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node-bitly - Bitly API for nodejs

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This module provides calls to the Bitly API for Nodejs. For more information on the API request and responses visit the Bitly API docs


To install via NPM type the following: npm install bitly

You can also install via git by cloning: git clone /path/to/bitly


var Bitly = require('bitly');
var bitly = new Bitly('<YOUR USERNAME>', '<YOUR API KEY>');
bitly.shorten('', function(err, response) {
  if (err) throw err;

  // See for format of returned object
  var short_url =

  // Do something with data


To run tests type npm test Features

Currently this module does NOT support the OAuth features of the Bitly API. As such this module is limited to the following API methods:

  • shorten
  • expand
  • validate
  • clicks / clicks_by_minute / clicks_by_day
  • referrers
  • countries
  • bitly_pro_domain
  • lookup
  • info
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