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Formula + Beaker Δ→

Reactive Forms for Svelte

The Svelte Formula Logo


svelte-formula is a Library for use with Svelte that super-charges your ability to create rich data-driven for applications.

Install Instructions

npm i svelte-formula


All you need is an element container with the Svelte use directive and form input fields with their name property set.

Visit the documentation for more details API instructions.



The Svelte Formula Logo

Formula is a library for creating Zero Configuration reactive form components, and fully data-driven applications.

Zero-Configuration means you need nothing more than a well-defined HTML5 form element to have fully reactive stores of data and form states.

Accessing the input requires only setting the name property, and for validation providing attributes like require or minlength. Formula supports single and multi-value inputs across all widely supported HTML inputs and extends them with checkbox groups and radio groups, and composite fields of values like text or number.

Formula creates a form instance that contains Svelte stores that contain value and validation information, and some additional lifecycle methods that allow your to dynamically add and remove customisations, and reset or destroy the form. It also attempts to apply ARIA attributes to help with accessibility.

Extending Formula

Formula also supports a bunch of powerful options that provide additional validation, enrichment and custom messages.

For example with the enrich option and enrichment store you can provide functions that calculate additional computed values based on user input - for example calculating a password strength, or the length of text a user has entered. These are useful.

Validations can be provided at the form and field level, and integrate with in-built browser validations to provide native messages, which can be customised for localisation.



The Svelte Formula Logo

Beaker take Formula and adds another layer for working with collections of data.

Using row-based input you can create full form instances per row that are also fully reactive and feed into Beaker's collection store.

Beaker also provides methods for setting, adding and removing items from the in-built stores, when can be used with Svelte's {#each}{/each} blocks to create a re-usable template in the component

With this you can build applications such as multi-row editable tables or lists. See the documentation for more details and examples.