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Fancy CMS-style page editing for Django Requirements Status

Note: This is a work in progress and part of this project will likely change and could potentially break things. Be careful with using it.

Fancypages provides an easy way to edit content in your Django project.

Another content management system, you ask? No it is not! Rather, it is a content enhancement system (CEnS) because it provides a user with the controlled ability to edit content on a page.

The way this Django app works is inspired by django-frontend-admin, django-content-blocks and other similar apps. Especially, the use of template tags to define customisable sections in a Django template is based on the ideas in the two apps mentioned above.

Warning: There's currently an issue with django-model-utils 2.0+ and Django 1.5.5. Until this is resolved, we advise to use version 1.5 with that specific version of Django.

Oscar and Fancypages

Fancypages has originally been developed to extend the functionality of `django-oscar`_ by giving a the client limited control over content editing and complement the Oscar dashboard. The need of other (non-Oscar) projects for a similiar content editing funtionality lead to the separation of `django-oscar-fancypages`_ into a separate app.

After several months of experience with maintaining both apps separately, we've made the decision to maintain the Oscar integration as part of fancypages available in fancypages.contrib.oscar_fancypages. This should make it easier to maintain both code bases and provide better integration for both.

Note: `django-oscar-fancypages`_ is now deprectated and will no longer receive feature updates.



Installation instructions and documentation are hosted on the incredible

Projects Using Fancypages


django-fancypages is released under the permissive New BSD license.