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  • i18n support added - Oscar now ships with .po files for seven languages. Translation files are welcome.
  • Category management added to dashboard
  • Some improvements to how group/variant products are handled
  • Improved installation process using makefile


There are 3 new migrations in the catalogue app. If you have a local version, you will need to run:

./ schemamigration catalogue --auto

to pick up the changes in Oscar's catalogue app.

Breaking changes

A new setting OSCAR_MAIN_TEMPLATE_DIR has been introduced as the template structure has been altered. This requires your TEMPLATE_DIRS setting to be altered to include this folder, eg:

from oscar import OSCAR_MAIN_TEMPLATE_DIR

If you want to extend one of Oscar's templates, then use:

# base.html
{% extends 'oscar/base.html' %}

instead of:

# base.html
{% extends 'templates/base.html' %}

0.2.1 - 09 July 2012

Mainly small bug-fixes to templates and javascript.

0.2 - 01 June 2012

Many components have been rewritten since 0.1 - Oscar is much more of a complete package now. New features include:

  • Dashboard for managing catalogue, offers, stock, vouchers and more. This includes statistics pages to track performance.
  • Sample templates, CSS and JS to get a shop up and running in a minutes.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Reworking of shipping methods.
  • Automatic up-selling on the basket page. We now inform the user if they partially qualify for an offer.

The documentation still needs more work which we'll do over the next week or two.


  • Initial release - used in production by two major applications at Tangent but still quite rough around the edges. Many features were implemented directly in the applications rather than using a feature from oscar.
  • Docs are a bit stale and need updating in 0.2