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Domain-driven e-commerce for Django

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Django-Oscar - Flexible e-commerce on Django 1.3

django-oscar is an e-commerce framework for Django 1.3 designed for building domain-driven e-commerce sites. It is structured such that any part of the core functionality can be customised to suit the needs of your project. This allows it to handle a wide range of e-commerce sites, from large-scale B2C sites to complex B2B sites rich in domain-specific business logic.

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  • Created by David Winterbottom (@codeinthehole) in the small pockets of time when his new-born son was sleeping.
  • Important early contributions made by Andrew Ingram (@AndrewIngram) and through collaboration with Mirumee
  • Developed and maintained by Tangent Labs, a London-based digital agency



  • Initial release - is working fine for the two main Tangent projects of summer 2011
  • Docs are a bit stale and need updating
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