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import datetime
import os
from fabric.decorators import runs_once
from fabric.operations import put, prompt
from fabric.colors import green, red
from fabric.api import local, cd, sudo
# Import project settings
from fabconfig import *
except ImportError:
import sys
print "You need to define a file with your project settings"
def _get_commit_id():
Return the commit ID for the branch about to be deployed
return local('git rev-parse HEAD', capture=True)[:20]
def notify(msg):
bar = '+' + '-' * (len(msg) + 2) + '+'
print green('')
print green(bar)
print green("| %s |" % msg)
print green(bar)
print green('')
# Deployment tasks
def update_codebase(branch, repo):
Update codebase from the Git repo
notify('Updating codebase from remote "%s", branch "%s"' % (repo, branch))
local('git pull %s %s' % (repo, branch))
notify('Push any local changes to remote %s' % branch)
local('git push %s %s' % (repo, branch))
def set_reference_to_deploy_from(branch):
Determine the refspec (tag or commit ID) to build from
The role of this task is simply to set the env.version variable
which is used later on.
notify("Determine the git reference to deploy from")
# Versioning - we either deploy from a tag or we create a new one
local('git fetch --tags')
if == 'test':
# Allow a new tag to be set, or generate on automatically
print ''
create_tag = prompt(red('Tag this release? [y/N] '))
if create_tag.lower() == 'y':
notify("Showing latest tags for reference")
local('git tag | sort -V | tail -5')
env.version = prompt(red('Tag name [in format x.x.x]? '))
notify("Tagging version %s" % env.version)
local('git tag %s -m "Tagging version %s in fabfile"' % (env.version, env.version))
local('git push --tags')
deploy_version = prompt(red('Build from a specific commit (useful for debugging)? [y/N] '))
print ''
if deploy_version.lower() == 'y':
env.version = prompt(red('Choose commit to build from: '))
env.version = local('git describe %s' % branch, capture=True).strip()
# An existing tag must be specified to deploy to QE or PE
local('git tag | sort -V | tail -5')
env.version = prompt(red('Choose tag to build from: '))
# Check this is valid
notify("Checking chosen tag exists")
local('git tag | grep "%s"' % env.version)
if == 'prod':
# If a production build, then we ensure that the master branch
# gets updated to include all work up to this tag
notify("Merging tag into master")
local('git checkout master')
local('git merge %s' % env.version)
local('git push origin master')
local('git checkout develop')
def set_ssh_user():
if 'TANGENT_USER' in os.environ:
env.user = os.environ['TANGENT_USER']
env.user = prompt(red('Username for remote host? [default is current user] '))
if not env.user:
env.user = os.environ['USER']
def deploy_codebase(archive_file, commit_id):
Push a tarball of the codebase up
def prepare(repo='origin'):
notify('BUILDING TO %s' %
# Ensure we have latest code locally
branch = local('git branch | grep "^*" | cut -d" " -f2', capture=True)
update_codebase(branch, repo)
# Create a build file ready to be pushed to the servers
notify("Building from refspec %s" % env.version)
env.build_file = '/tmp/build-%s.tar.gz' % str(env.version)
local('git archive --format tar %s %s | gzip > %s' % (env.version, env.web_dir, env.build_file))
# Set timestamp now so it is the same on all servers after deployment
now =
env.build_dir = '%s-%s' % (, now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M'))
env.code_dir = '%s/%s' % (env.builds_dir, env.build_dir)
def deploy():
Deploys the codebase
# Set SSH user and upload codebase to all servers, both
# app and proc.
deploy_codebase(env.build_file, env.version)
def switch_symlink():
notify("Switching symlinks")
with cd(env.builds_dir):
# Create new symlink for build folder
sudo('if [ -h %(build)s ]; then unlink %(build)s; fi' % env)
sudo('ln -s %(build_dir)s %(build)s' % env)
def reload_python_code():
notify('Touching WSGI file to reload python code')
with cd(env.builds_dir):
sudo('touch %(build)s/%(wsgi)s' % env)
def reload_apache():
notify('Reloading Apache2 configuration')
sudo('/etc/init.d/apache2 reload')
def reload_nginx():
notify('Reloading nginx configuration')
sudo('/etc/init.d/nginx force-reload')
def reload_tomcat():
sudo('/etc/init.d/tomcat6 force-reload')
def upload(local_path, remote_path=None):
Uploads a file
if not remote_path:
remote_path = local_path
notify("Uploading %s to %s" % (local_path, remote_path))
put(local_path, remote_path)
def unpack(archive_path):
Unpacks the tarball into the correct place but doesn't switch
the symlink
# Ensure all folders are in place
sudo('if [ ! -d "%(builds_dir)s" ]; then mkdir -p "%(builds_dir)s"; fi' % env)
notify("Creating remote build folder")
with cd(env.builds_dir):
sudo('tar xzf %s' % archive_path)
# Create new build folder
sudo('if [ -d "%(build_dir)s" ]; then rm -rf "%(build_dir)s"; fi' % env)
sudo('mv %(web_dir)s %(build_dir)s' % env)
# Symlink in uploads folder
sudo('ln -s ../../../media/%(build)s %(build_dir)s/public/media' % env)
# Append release info to
sudo("sed -i 's/UNVERSIONED/%(version)s/' %(build_dir)s/" % env)
# Add file indicating Git commit
sudo('echo -e "refspec: %s\nuser: %s" > %s/build-info' % (env.version, env.user, env.build_dir))
# Remove archive
sudo('rm %s' % archive_path)
def set_robots_and_sitemaps():
notify("Setting robots.txt and sitemaps")
with cd(env.builds_dir):
# create the proper symlinks to sitemaps and robots.txt
sudo("mkdir -p %(static_dir)s/%(build)s/sitemaps" % env)
sudo("""if [ -d %(static_dir)s/%(client)s/%(build)s/robots.txt ]; then
cp %(build_dir)s/static/robots.txt %(static_dir)s/%(client)s/%(build)s/;
fi;""" % env)
with cd("%(build_dir)s/public/static/" % env):
sudo("rm -rf sitemaps && ln -s %(static_dir)s/%(build)s/sitemaps sitemaps" % env)
sudo("rm robots.txt && ln -s %(static_dir)s/%(/%(build)s/robots.txt robots.txt" % env)
def update_virtualenv():
Install the dependencies in the requirements file
with cd(env.code_dir):
sudo('source %s/bin/activate && pip install -r deploy/requirements.txt' % env.virtualenv)
def collect_static_files():
notify("Collecting static files")
with cd(env.code_dir):
sudo('source %s/bin/activate && ./ collectstatic --noinput > /dev/null' % env.virtualenv)
sudo('chmod -R g+w public' % env)
def migrate():
Apply any schema alterations
notify("Applying database migrations")
with cd(env.code_dir):
sudo('source %s/bin/activate && ./ syncdb --noinput > /dev/null' % env.virtualenv)
sudo('source %s/bin/activate && ./ migrate --ignore-ghost-migrations' % env.virtualenv)
def deploy_apache_config():
notify('Moving apache config into place')
with cd(env.code_dir):
sudo('mv %(apache_conf)s /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/' % env)
def deploy_nginx_config():
notify('Moving nginx config into place')
with cd(env.code_dir):
sudo('mv %(nginx_conf)s /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/' % env)
def deploy_cronjobs():
Deploy the app server cronjobs
notify('Deploying cronjobs')
with cd(env.code_dir):
# Replace variables in cron files
sudo("rename 's#BUILD#%(build)s#' deploy/cron.d/*" % env)
sudo("sed -i 's#VIRTUALENV_ROOT#%(virtualenv)s#g' deploy/cron.d/*" % env)
sudo("sed -i 's#BUILD_ROOT#%(code_dir)s#g' deploy/cron.d/*" % env)
sudo("mv deploy/cron.d/* /etc/cron.d" % env)
def delete_old_builds():
notify('Deleting old builds')
with cd(env.builds_dir):
sudo('find . -maxdepth 1 -type d -name "%(build)s*" | sort -r | sed "1,9d" | xargs rm -rf' % env)
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