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Couple of minor tweaks to fabfile

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1 parent 0c4a4ed commit 171b682a9d7205feb3cd64e6b07b095357a4f898 @codeinthehole codeinthehole committed
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@@ -1,8 +1,7 @@
import datetime
import os
-from os.path import normpath
-from fabric.decorators import runs_once, roles, task
+from fabric.decorators import runs_once
from fabric.operations import put, prompt
from fabric.colors import green, red
from fabric.api import local, cd, sudo
@@ -180,12 +179,15 @@ def unpack(archive_path):
Unpacks the tarball into the correct place but doesn't switch
the symlink
+ # Ensure all folders are in place
+ sudo('if [ ! -d "%(builds_dir)s" ]; then mkdir -p "%(builds_dir)s"; fi' % env)
notify("Creating remote build folder")
with cd(env.builds_dir):
sudo('tar xzf %s' % archive_path)
# Create new build folder
- sudo('if [ -d "%(build_dir)s" ]; then rm -rf "%(build_dir)s"; fi'% env)
+ sudo('if [ -d "%(build_dir)s" ]; then rm -rf "%(build_dir)s"; fi' % env)
sudo('mv %(web_dir)s %(build_dir)s' % env)
# Symlink in uploads folder

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