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Tangent Django Boilerplate

This is a boilerplate README.rst created from the tangent-django-boilerplate project. This section should be deleted and the below sections completed when the project is created.

Use this project with Django 1.4's startproject command: startproject $PROJECT_NAME --extensions="py,rst,conf,wsgi" --template=

Note that you need to specify a name for the project and pass the following variables:

  • client - The client for this project
  • project_code - The project code
  • domain - The top-level domain for the test/stage sites and the alerts mailing list
  • timezone - Which timezone to use in

Tangent developers can use the tangent-kickstart tool to simplify creation of projects that conform to our conventions:

The below copy will contains template variables - it gets merged with a context when a new boilerplate project is created.

{{ client|title }} / {{ project_code }}


[List mailing lists for projects]

Installation for developers

[Explain how to set-up the project and run the unit tests]


[List IP addresses and auth details for the various environments]

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