TAL Page Templates for ownCloud
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TAL Page Templates for ownCloud

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Develop using the Template Attribute Language instead of having clumsy <?php echo $var; ?> tags in your markup.

Read more at the PHPTAL site

Install from git

  1. Go to your ownCloud apps dir and clone the repo there:

     cd owncloud/apps
     git clone git://github.com/tanghus/tal.git

  2. go to the newly created tal folder and update the PHPTAL submodule:

    cd tal
    git submodule update --init

  3. From your browser go to the ownCloud apps page (/index.php/settings/apps) and enable the "TAL Page Templates for ownCloud" app.

  4. Go to the Admin page (/index.php/settings/admin) and check if the installation has succeeded. You will find a section with a link to the manual.