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What's usefull shells

UsefullShells is a shell collection of macOS and Linux.

It contains quick ssh login,manual ipa packaging for iOS,docker quick start,npm upgrade,node uninstall,cocoapods quick install,react native offline packaging,google host tool and so on.

I will share my usefull and important shell tools on this repository all the time

How to use and put them on your home directory like this:

cd ~
git clone 

2.config environment path in your operating system

vi /etc/profile

# paste this in your system profile or user profile 
export PATH

3.make it effect

source /etc/profile

4.try a host update test

# notice: before this command,please backup your current hosts file first. 
sudo git


All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.