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add new_post to documentation, with caveat

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@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ The :Octopress command
<task> is one of:
+ new_post Add a new post
generate Regenerate output files from sources
deploy Default deploy task
gen_deploy Generate and then deploy
@@ -60,6 +61,17 @@ The :Octopress command
rsync Deploy via rsync
clean Clean caches (pygments, gist, sass)
+new_post is the only command that takes arguments. The rest of the line
+after ':Octopress new_post' is considered to be the post title.
+Note that due to a problem with rake's argument handling, a post title that
+contains a comma will be truncated at the comma. I tried to work around this
+using shell escapes and such, but it's a problem in rake itself, and is an
+issue using the raw Octopress commands outside of Vim also.
+imathis says this will not be a problem when they move to a CLI instead of
+using rake.
By default, 'rake' is taken from your path. If you want to use a different
rake, specify its path in 'g:octopress_rake_executable'.

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