an generator for easily recognizable ids
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generates easily recognizable ids for logs and such.

How to use

npm install animal-id


var animal = require('animal-id');

// generate an adjective-animal pair
animal.getId(); // angry-buzzard
// ...with a prefix
animal.getId('animal'); // animal-angry-buzzard
// ...with a UUID tacked on the end
animal.getUuid(); // angry-buzzard-198fb2de-8ec7-4cf2-be5c-2446628c9ef
// ...or with a prefix and a UUID suffix
animal.getUuid('animal'); // animal-angry-buzzard-198fb2de-8ec7-4cf2-be5c-2446628c9ef

// or use your own adjectives/animals/separating strings
animal.useAnimals(['buzzard', 'human']);
animal.useAdjectives(['happy', 'angry']);
animal.useSeparator('_'); // use an underscore instead of a dash

Pretty blatantly uses the excellent node-uuid for uuid generation.