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Build Status

How to build

The following packages must be installed if one wants to build the TangoSourceDistribution localy:

sudo apt-get install -y build-essential cmake autoconf libtool ant omniidl libomniorb4-dev libcos4-dev libomnithread3-dev libzmq3-dev

Once the above requirements are satisified, do ant build package

The good output looks like this:


     [echo] Done!

    [mkdir] Created dir: /home/travis/build/tango-controls/TangoSourceDistribution/build/package/tango-9.3.2
  [copydir] DEPRECATED - The copydir task is deprecated.  Use copy instead.
  [copydir] Copying 710 files to /home/travis/build/tango-controls/TangoSourceDistribution/build/package/tango-9.3.2
      [tar] Building tar: /home/travis/build/tango-controls/TangoSourceDistribution/build/tango-master.tar.gz

ant build creates build folder where it performs all required manipulations to fetch, download and assemble all the components of Tango Source Distribution: c++ from githug repos; java from maven repos. Result is placed into build/distr

ant package creates tango-XXX.tar.gz file in build directory where XXX is the name of the current branch or dev

ant clean - deletes build directory

Feel free to explore build.xml for more details.

How to release

  1. update and assets (CHANGES etc) accordingly

  2. tag this repo with a release number

  3. travis will automatically upload resulting tango-tag.tar.gz to GitHub releases

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