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This project is the effort to define a standard REST API for Tango controls.

REST API is requested by the community and discussed in this forum thread

Please read about Tango REST API in the Tango documentation: link

Tango REST API specification

Specification defines RESTful view on Tango Controls in terms of REST resources. Each version defines allowed requests and corresponding responses to/from Tango REST API implementation. Also each version defines expected behaviour of the implementation in a given situation/feature.

Version Link
v1.1 rest-api-v1.1
v1.0 (aka rc5+rc6) rest-api-v1.0
rc4 rest-api-rc4
rc3 rest-api-rc3
rc2 rest-api-rc2
rc1 rest-api-rc1

Reference client implementations

Reference implementations provide request/response entities definition:

Platform Link Compatibility
Java rest-api-java rc4, v1.1
ES6, Browser tango-rest-client v1.1

Known server implementations

Listed implementations provide REST server capabilities for a given platform.

Platform Link Compatibility
Java rest-server rc4 + subscriptions, v1.1
C++ RestDS rc4 (partial)
Python mtango-py rc3 (partial)

Test suites

Test suites provide integration tests for implementations to verify their compatibility with a given Tango REST API version

Platform Link Compatibility
Java rest-test-suite rc4 (partial), v1.1